Baby infant formulas
and solid food
with natural goat milk
Baby Formula
Solid Food
Natural goat milk is the gentle basis of premium baby food MAMAKO®.
Quality without compromise — European production standards!
Even closer to the mother!
MAMAKO® Premium is the only goat milk formula with 2'-FL Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO).
The benefits of the components have been proven by world scientific research.
Gentle complementary goat milk baby foods are easily digested.
The creamy taste of cereals, vegetable cream soups and fruit purees pleases kids!
A special MAMAKO® Organic line has been developed for especially sensitive babies.
MAMAKO® innovates baby food sharing mom's care to give the best for her child.
Baby formula
Immunity support
Goat milk in MAMAKO® Premium formulas is a natural basis for careful baby nutrition.
Formulas are enriched with vitamins and minerals for the harmonious growth and development of the baby, as well as nucleotides to maintain his immunity.

Brain and vision development
IQ-complex contains fatty acids DHA (Omega-3) in combination with ARA (Omega-6) and lutein, which a child can only get with nutrition.
Comfortable digestion, prevention of colic and constipation
Prebiotics 2'-FL and GOS in combination with probiotics of
B. LACTIS normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Milk lipids of fat globules of goat milk and the absence of palm oil contribute to the formation of a soft stool, similar to the stool of breastfed children.
Solid Food
Why do kids and their parents choose
A variety of cereal
complementary foods
based on goat milk.
Fruit purees
Goat cottage cheese is a valuable source of calcium and milk protein.

Puree in a glass jar is ideal to introduce the first complementary food.

Fruit and cottage cheese in a doy pack easy to grab and go!
Cream soups
Do not require cooking.

The benefits of goat milk and vegetables.

Easily and comfortably digested.

Forming healthy eating habits.

The gentle creamy taste is liked by kids.
Without palm oil and other
added vegetable oils.
A healthy and delicious combination of goat milk,
selected cereals, fruits,
vegetables and berries.
It’s easy to feed even
with a “picky eater”!