Formula Production
MAMAKO® Premium infant formula is manufactured in Asturias, northern Spain, which has been known for centuries for the production of milk and dairy products.

The region of Asturias, commonly known as"the country of goats", is a true natural paradise with unique parks and biosphere reserves. Goats graze here all year round while pastures remain green due to the humid temperate climate of the Cantabrian foothills and the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean. The rich diet of Asturian goats provides the highest quality milk and gives it a delicate creamy taste.
MAMAKO® Premium.
The unique experience in the development and production of baby food made it possible to create a new generation formula based on natural goat milk.
— MAMAKO® Premium adapted goat milk infant formula.
Similar to breast milk
Goat milk in MAMAKO® Premium infant formula is a natural basis for the baby's nutrition. Due to goat milk properties, MAMAKO® Premium infant formula forms small, soft flakes in the tummy that are easily digestible like mother's milk. Formula forms a gentle curd in the stomach, is rapidly excreted, helps the formation of normal intestinal microflora and is enriched with essential amino acids.

The main protein fractions are whey proteins and casein. In mother's milk, their ratio is approximately 60:40, in an adapted formula for 0-6 month-old children, it is approximately the same. This proportion aids in protein absorption, reduces the incidence of infant colic and digestive disorders.
Special features of MAMAKO® formulas
Palmitic acid in MAMAKO® Premium infant formula is present in the form of β-palmitate of goat milk, which freely passes between the intestinal walls, without interacting with calcium molecules. Natural β-palmitate, similar to breast milk palmitate, is easily absorbed, prevents constipation and nutritional deficiency in a child.
Short- and medium-chain triglycerides (SCT and MCT) are a special class of fatty acids that are easily absorbed and digested, even by children with digestive problems. SCT and MCT support the immune system and provide a fast source of energy.
Fat globules of goat milk are valuable due to their outer covering. These membranes are a special protein-lipid complex necessary for the regulation of metabolism, nervous system development and maintenance of the baby's immune system.
IQ-complex with lutein
The IQ-complex in MAMAKO® Premium goat milk infant formula contains ARA and DHA fatty acids (Omega-6 and Omega-3) and lutein, which the baby can only receive with food. Components of the complex protect the eyes during vision formation and improve baby's cognitive activity. MAMAKO® Premium is the only goat-milk-based infant formula that contains a complex with lutein!

Why is IQ-complex with lutein important?

VISION is a key factor in baby's cognitive development. First two years of life interaction with the outside world, recognition, and investigation of objects form the basis of thought processes. The central vision, which is developed by 2–3 months is responsible for the ability to distinguish details and different objects. Lutein protects the retina and plays a vital role in the physiology of vision.
Components for comfortable digestion
The probiotic complex of bifidobacteria B.lactis along with prebiotics8 and nucleotides9,10 in MAMAKO® Premium infant formula positively influences intestinal microbiota. The unique set of active ingredients and the absence of palm oil in MAMAKO® Premium infant formula reduces the frequency of colic and regurgitation, provides comfortable digestion and soft stool.
A probiotic complex that hinders the growth of opportunistic flora, colonizes the intestines with beneficial bacteria and restores the balance of microbiota.
Is the food source for beneficial bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. The combination of pro- and prebiotics have a better effect on maintaining healthy microflora than their separate ingestion.
As part of MAMAKO® Premium infant formula, they protect the intestinal walls and support the immune system.
No palm oil
MAMAKO® Premium infant formula does not contain palm oil. Formula contains goat milk fat, which is a source of natural β-palmitate, unique triglycerides and membranes of fat globules. Due to the presence of these components, goat milk fat helps to bring it as close as possible to breast milk. The lack of palm oil promotes better absorption of Ca2+ and helps to form soft stools.


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